Review: Bec Stevens ‘Why Don’t You Just’

On her most recent EP, Why Don’t You Just, Tasmanian-turned-Adelaide singer-songwriter Bec Stevens weaves a powerful yet heartfelt sonic space with her talent for lyrical depth and directness to create a six-song meditation on grief, loss, and belonging. Full disclosure, I’ve been evangelising about Stevens for years now. I think she’s quietly but consistently one of the most passionate and captivating voices in Australian music, … Continue reading Review: Bec Stevens ‘Why Don’t You Just’

Music Review: Umi no Uzu

What: UMI NO UZU – Aaron Choulai and the Australian Art Orchestra When: 2 February 2019 Where: Nexus Arts Cost: $30 $20 (U) Who: Aaron Choulai (Tokyo/Papua New Guinea) – Piano accordion/keyboard/electronics Kojoe (Tokyo) – Rapper Miyama Mcqueen-Tokita (Tokyo/Melbourne) – Koto Peter Knight (Melbourne) – Trumpet & electronics Ian Whitehurst – Tenor saxophone Erkki Veltheim (Melbourne)- Violin Chris Hale – Acoustic bass guitar  Joe Talia … Continue reading Music Review: Umi no Uzu

Collage Culture: Best of 2018

2018 was a difficult year that inspired an astounding number of exceptional art. We saw it in films, books, music, television, exhibitions, and more. For your reading pleasure, here is Collage’s Best of 2018. Best Film of 2018: Suspiria Despite being a tad too long, the Suspiria remake from director Luca Guadagnino was one of the most unusual and artistic films this year. Guadagnino successfully … Continue reading Collage Culture: Best of 2018

Concert Review: Christmas Proms 2018

A professorial-looking man in his fifties, lanky, with horn-rimmed glasses and a chequered shirt, flaps his arms like a bird, right on cue. He and eleven other audience members have been coaxed onstage for a Christmas Carol. They’ve been conditioned to perform an action for each of the twelve days of Christmas. As we sing “Four calling birds” again, he flutters his arms over-enthusiastically. He’s … Continue reading Concert Review: Christmas Proms 2018

Daniel McLean

Daniel first wrote for Collage in 2016. Since then, he’s loved meeting people to be interviewed for the publication. When he’s not lazing about with a book, he tries new hobbies such as collecting manual typewriters. They’re sometimes costly and always short-lived. He edited The University of Adelaide’s student magazine, On Dit, in 2015. He is currently studying a PhD in sixteenth-century rhetoric.  Favourite artist: … Continue reading Daniel McLean

“A cultural shift taking place”: Picasso and art in the age of #metoo

Grinning, with both hands wrapped around a microphone, the comedian Hannah Gadsby stood onstage in front of a sold-out Sydney Opera House. Her award-winning routine Nanette was being filmed for release on Netflix. She began, as usual, to apply and release the audience’s tension, her voice working like the comedy equivalent of a masseuse. Then something changed. Like a caged animal goaded on all sides, … Continue reading “A cultural shift taking place”: Picasso and art in the age of #metoo