Daniel McLean

Daniel first wrote for Collage in 2016. Since then, he’s loved meeting people to be interviewed for the publication. When he’s not lazing about with a book, he tries new hobbies such as collecting manual typewriters. They’re sometimes costly and always short-lived. He edited The University of Adelaide’s student magazine, On Dit, in 2015. He is currently studying a PhD in sixteenth-century rhetoric.  Favourite artist: … Continue reading Daniel McLean

Jasmin Hoadley

Jasmin studied palaeontology at uni, and is now somehow a qualified personal trainer. She can be found at various cinemas or tethered to her sewing machine attemptingto replicate a complex costume on a shoestring budget in her spare time. She has approximate knowledge of many things. Continue reading Jasmin Hoadley

Tin Do

Tin is a perennial student who loves his leisure time; perhaps the two are related. Likes architecture, design (the ‘whys’ and tentatively, the ‘whats’ and almost never the ‘hows’) and anything in long form. Favourite art movement: Dirty Realism Favourite films: Moon and Paris, Texas Favourite band: Brian Eno always has something to do with it Favourite podcast: Haven’t found one yet, but Music for … Continue reading Tin Do

Brydie Kosmina

Brydie Kosmina is a Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Adelaide. Her research is focused on cultural memory and popular culture. She spends most of her days thinking about witches, and cries about everything – good, bad or in-between. She drinks too much Diet Coke. Fav art movement: French Impressionism or Fauvism. Fav films: Depends on my mood, really. Denis Villeneuve is a genius though. Fav … Continue reading Brydie Kosmina

Alexander W. Possingham

Alexander W. Possingham is attempting to read every major science-fiction novel ever written, whilst playing copious video games and watching endless cinema under the guise of ‘researching’. He writes for Collage from the far-flung, exotic land of Victoria. Favourite art movement: Fluxus Favourite film: Caché, directed by Michael Haneke Favourite band/musician: Daughters Favourite podcast: Shut up and Sit Down Podcastle Favourite novel: Neuromancer, by William Gibson … Continue reading Alexander W. Possingham