Brydie Kosmina

Brydie Kosmina is a postgraduate student studying English Literature at the University of Adelaide. Her research is focused on fantasy … More

Alexander W. Possingham

Alexander W. Possingham is attempting to read every major science-fiction novel ever written, whilst playing copious video games and watching … More

Courtney Barry

Courtney is a proud Adelaidean and self-proclaimed history dork. Ask her about the Australian house museum, RuPaul’s Drag Race, crocodiles, or the English monarchy, and pop the kettle on …

Milly Farmer

This self-appointed Fresh Princess of Belair (National Park) currently studies Communication and Professional Writing at Flinders University and dreams of one day becoming a biographer.

Kate Riggs

Kate Riggs has an archaeology degree and now has to face life, as like, an adult or whatever. She enjoys … More

Lur Alghurabi

Lur is an Iraqi writer whose work focuses on migrant memoir and transcultural storytelling, or fancy terms for her childhood … More

Maggi Boult

Maggi Boult has worked in health research, but is currently studying to be an historian. At the moment her favourite … More