Jasmin Hoadley

Jasmin studied palaeontology at uni, and is now somehow a qualified personal trainer. She can be found at various cinemas or tethered to her sewing machine attemptingto replicate a complex costume on a shoestring budget in her spare time. She has approximate knowledge of many things.

Tamika Glouftsis

Tamika wrote her Honours thesis on the use of history in video games, mostly to justify the countless hours she spends playing them. When she’s not writing or playing games, she can usually be found in either a dance class or a gin bar. She spends the majority of her income on her hair.

About Salt

There is a chapter in the New Testament called About Salt. I learnt it by heart in Year 8 Religion.…

Fringe Visual Arts and Design Review: Precession

Precession, in astronomy, refers to a slow, gradual change in the rotation or orbit of a celestial body. Such changes in the Earth’s axis of rotation create the astronomical phenomenon known as the precession of the equinoxes, which results in slow changes of the position of the stars in relation to Earth’s poles and their positions at the change of the seasons.