Banksy, I Must Not Copy What I See In The Simpsons, 2012, graffiti art, New Orleans.

We believe:

  • Art can bring people together and help us to understand diverse views on the world.
  • Art can be a medium of valuable conflict, discussion and change.
  • To understand a work of art, engagement with its historical, political, social and artistic context is vital.
  • To understand an artist, society or time period, we can look to the art it has produced.

 Our Aim:

  • Be a forum for the discovery and discussion of contemporary and historical art, architecture and, audio and visual culture.
  • Engage and connect with established and emerging artists, art historians and art lovers in Adelaide and beyond.
  • Publish high-quality, entertaining and thought-provoking essays, articles, interviews and reviews.
  • Keep readers informed of artistic events in the Adelaide area.




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