Music Review: Morrissey

Morrissey What:  Morrissey Where: Thebarton Theatre When: 26th October “I’ve been here before you know, you’re either too young to remember or too old to forget” announced Morrissey to the Adelaide crowd. The last time Morrissey graced the Thebarton Theatre was in 2002, and judging by the age range of audience members – both nostalgic quiff-sporting devotees and younglings wearing fresh t-shirts emblazoned with his image – they … Continue reading Music Review: Morrissey

Artist Spotlight #40: Danielle Saliba

Danielle’s Tracey Emin-esque work (latex, pigment, text) Both traditional and modern ideas of femininity are explored and dissected through various mediums in Danielle Saliba’s provocative artworks. In our latest spotlight, Danielle talks about her influences and her favourite galleries. Q: Hello Danielle! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? A: Hello! I completed my undergraduate degree in 2015, and am  currently in my … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #40: Danielle Saliba

My Favourite Artwork: Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

Photo credit: Rachel Wong In this new series, writers discuss their favourite artworks. What: Casa Mila (La Pedrera) Artist: Antoni Gaudi Type: Architecture Medium: Limestone (facade) Subject: The last piece of civil engineering work designed by Gaudi Where: Passeig de Gracia 92, Barcelona Photo credit: Rachel Wong Why: This gigantic residential building – both on the outside and inside – display an undulating curve, applying … Continue reading My Favourite Artwork: Casa Mila (La Pedrera)

Artist Spotlight #39: Ellie Kammer

Ellie Kammer Full disclosure: this writer was unaware of the brutal nature of Endometriosis until studying Ellie Kammer’s confronting yet beautiful paintings of individuals with the disease. In our latest spotlight, Ellie tells us about her five year plan, and her favourite German gallery. Q: Hello Ellie! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? A: I’m a 25 year old woman with a body that can’t … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #39: Ellie Kammer

Ballet Review: Nijinsky

Photo credit: Kate Longley What:  Nijinsky Where: The Adelaide Festival Centre When: Until 18th October How much: Visit the Adelaide Festival Centre website for details Ballet, like most things, is best viewed with some contextual background. The Australian Ballet’s Nijinsky – working in conjunction with the piece’s original creator John Neumeier – depicts the troubled life of the titular Vaslav Nijinsky. Most imperative to understanding the show is a rough outline of … Continue reading Ballet Review: Nijinsky

Artist Spotlight #38: Bridget Fahey

Bridget Hodder People deal with the world’s craziness (Trump, Brexit, gender inequality) in a multitude of different ways. Bridget Hodder opts to put pen to paper and  successfully channels all her frustrations and wisdom into colourful, witty observations. In our latest spotlight, we learn about Bridget’s favourite Adelaide artists and galleries. Q: Hello Bridget! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? A: I’ve been working … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #38: Bridget Fahey

My Favourite Artwork: Alison Lapper Pregnant

Alison Lapper Pregnant. Photo credit: Tim Graham In this new series, writers discuss their favourite artworks. What: Alison Lapper Pregnant Artist: Marc Quinn Type: Sculpture Medium: Italian Carrara marble Subject: Alison Lapper, an English artist born with phocomelia (no arms and with shortened legs) Where: The Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square from September 2005 till late 2007 Why: Alison Lapper Pregnant challenges people’s perceptions of the human form and femininity. … Continue reading My Favourite Artwork: Alison Lapper Pregnant