Artist Spotlight #23: Jonno Révanche

Jonno Révanche An Arts graduate from Adelaide now doing big, bright and beautiful things: Jonno Révanche is, quoting their twitter, “unabashedly earnest and seeking your validation”. While acting, writing and being, Jonno is the editor of the South Australian LGBTQIA Vaein Zine, while also editing the quarterly literary journal, Voiceworks Magazine. This bright young star dabbles in fashion, doing shoots for i-D Australia, modelling for … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #23: Jonno Révanche

Artist Spotlight #22: Alice Blanch

Alice Blanch If there was ever a reason to explore South Australia’s various landscapes, simply look at Alice Blanch’s beautifully textured photographs of our region’s underrated outdoors. In our latest spotlight, the multi-award winning visual artist speaks of her fascination with clouds, and her love of Adelaide. Q: Hello Alice! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? A: I am a practicing visual … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #22: Alice Blanch

Flash, Plush and Pulse: A Review of ‘alterior motive’

Photo credit: Grant Hancock The camera takes, the eye sees. There are ulterior motives to images and their mimetic interpretation of the world in every corner of our society. The invention of the camera in the early 19th Century became a ‘useful tool of modern states in the surveillance and control of their increasingly mobile populations’ (Sontag 5), and this fact reiterates that the invention … Continue reading Flash, Plush and Pulse: A Review of ‘alterior motive’

Artist Spotlight #21: Steph Fuller

Steph Fuller If you haven’t seen Steph Fuller’s works at Carcew’s ‘Dreaming/Awake’ exhibition, run, don’t walk there. Her polished images have a dark, albeit poignant quality that pulls at the heartstrings, and is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. In our latest spotlight, Steph talks about finding inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources (Men in Black?!), and her favourite music to get her creative process going. … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #21: Steph Fuller

Second Nature: Collage’s Inaugural SALA Exhibition

Banner designed by Meherzad Shroff The Theme ‘Second Nature’ grew from the observation that a lot of Collage’s featured artists explored natural ideas and forms, both as a form of representation and as a thematic point of departure in others. Other artists who may not have represented nature directly worked with urban or abstract ‘landscapes’. On the other end of the spectrum, we had a … Continue reading Second Nature: Collage’s Inaugural SALA Exhibition

Artist Spotlight #20: Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith You have definitely seen Matthew Smith around Adelaide. Arguably the most fashionable Radelaide-an out there, his fashion style informs his colourful and idiosyncratic artworks. In our latest spotlight, he tells us of his ‘femme fatale’ art subjects and his favourite local galleries. Q: Hello Matthew! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? A: Hello! I’m 19 years of age and have … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #20: Matthew Smith

Theatre Review: Things I Know To Be True

Photo credit: Shane Reid Watching the State Theatre Company of South Australia’s latest production, Things I Know To Be True, was truly an emotional journey. Judging by the audience reactions of laughter and tears, everyone in the room felt the same way. In the Price family, there is a character every audience member can connect with. Rosie (Tilda Cobham-Hervey), the newly-minted adult searching for direction in Europe and at home. … Continue reading Theatre Review: Things I Know To Be True