Artist Spotlight #11: Peter Andrinopoulos

Peter Andrinopoulos You could kind of compare Peter Andrinopoulos to one of those superheroes with mundane day jobs, but AMAZING side gigs. Accountant by day, superstar photographer by night (and also during the day when he clocks off), Peter produces powerful and stellar photographs that ought to be seen by the wider public. In COLLAGE’S latest spotlight, he tells us of his eagerness to capture … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #11: Peter Andrinopoulos

Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art Review: Magic Object

Nell’s sculptures. Photo Credit: Rachel Wong Do you remember that naïve wonder you had as a child? That acute curiosity that caused your mind to meander into realms of imagination? What about the magic you found in everyday objects, when all was not as it seemed? If you look back on those raw, youthful feelings with joy, and don’t mind letting go of your rationality … Continue reading Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art Review: Magic Object

Artist Spotlight #10: Deanna Janssan

Deanna Janssan A peek at Deanna Janssan’s website tells of a talented artist who specialises not only in fan art, but also original portraiture and expressionistic artworks. The artistically trained individual perfectly captures heavy themes such as the chaos of daily life and the fragility of human emotions in her immensely moving art pieces. In COLLAGE’S interview with her, she tells us of her desire … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #10: Deanna Janssan

Adelaide Festival Theatre Review: Deluge

Photo Credit: Tiny Bricks ***COLLAGE’S Ed Bohdan and Tin Do’s review takes the form of Deluge’s unique overlapping communication between its characters.*** Ed: This reviewer has seen one too many cheap/crap Fringe Comedy shows where one is hastily shepherded to their seat by someone who looks like an extra from Gangs of New York. Tin: Deluge takes the opposite tact by placing emphasis on dialogue … Continue reading Adelaide Festival Theatre Review: Deluge

Adelaide Festival Dance Review: Nelken

Photo Credit: Tony Lewis When I entered the Festival Theatre, the entire stage resembled a dream: it had become a field of pink carnations. My immediate assumption was that this production by Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch was going to be a traditional ballet show. Any informed person would know Nelken was anything but. The production’s costume choice of vintage silk dresses, worn by both female … Continue reading Adelaide Festival Dance Review: Nelken

Artist Spotlight #9: Anna Bailes

Anna Bailes In 2015, Anna Bailes was that rare gem the On Dit editors could rely on if they needed an illustration to accompany an article pronto. Her diligence, hard work and creativity make her an up and coming designer and illustrator in the Adelaide art scene. In our latest spotlight, she informs COLLAGE of her love of cats and her innovative working process. Q: Hello! … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #9: Anna Bailes

Fringe Comedy Review: Nazeem Hussain

It’s no coincidence that Nazeem Hussain would co-opt a well-known Cypress Hill song (“Insane in the Membrane”) as the title of his latest stand up show at the 2016 Adelaide Fringe, “Hussain in the Membrane”. Both Hussain and members of the Californian band have migrant roots (Cuban and Sri Lankan respectively), with Hussain making full use of his ethnic upbringing, using it as comic fodder … Continue reading Fringe Comedy Review: Nazeem Hussain