Fringe Music Review: The Correspondents

If anyone saw Fear and Delight last year, they’d be familiar with The Correspondents: a self professed ‘electro-swing’ duo that goes from backing band to intimate live act at this year’s Fringe. The last Correspondents show I attended was a Fear and Delight session that was unfortunately cut short due to rain. While Fear and Delight was set up as a space-y cabaret (befitting its … Continue reading Fringe Music Review: The Correspondents

Artist Spotlight #6: Bay The Artist

The prodigiously talented, Bay The Artist, delves deep into her inner psyche and Polynesian heritage to deliver artworks consisting of delicate lines and vibrant colours leaving a long lasting impression. Find out more about her artistry and influence in COLLAGE’S latest Artist Spotlight. Q: Hello! Can you please tell us a bit about yourself? A: I’m a contemporary artist living in Adelaide, and I like … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #6: Bay The Artist

Fringe Theatre Review: A Night at the Venue

Photo Credit: The Three Cs A myriad of Adelaide Fringe stereotypes are featured and subsequently mocked in The Three Cs’ chaotic production, “A Night At The Venue”. Starring Robbie Greenwell, Yvonne McAulay, and Chiara Gabrielli, this scathing look at Fringe season plays out like a hurried high school production with low, albeit quaint production values. Written by Bryan Lynagh, the play starts with errant venue … Continue reading Fringe Theatre Review: A Night at the Venue

Artist Spotlight #5: Hannah Pedley

Hannah Pedley Hannah Pedley is a vivacious individual with a terrific sense of humour, and a killer artistic and fashion style to boot! Her specialty includes celebrity portraits and mandala style illustrations! In the latest installment of COLLAGE’S Artist Spotlight series, she tells us of her love for M.C. Escher, and her fondness for the TV show MythBusters! Q: Hello! Can you please tell us … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #5: Hannah Pedley

Henry Moore’s Contribution to British Modernism

Henry Moore in 1975. Photo Credit: The Henry Moore Foundation Archive Henry Moore is considered by many to be one of the most successful and widely recognised British artists of the twentieth century. Clearly influenced by earlier modernist developments in Britain and internationally, Moore has incorporated some of their idioms into his own extensive oeuvre. However, despite the fact that he is widely considered to … Continue reading Henry Moore’s Contribution to British Modernism

Artist Spotlight #4: Lachlan Fuller

Lachlan Fuller It’s incredibly difficult pigeonholing Lachlan Fuller. A graduate of music at The University of Adelaide, he excels at everything he lays his hands on. This is obvious when viewing his excellent craftmanship, whether they be designing and making rings and necklaces, guitars and longboards, or costumes and props for cosplay. Here is COLLAGE’S interview with him! Q: Hello Lachlan! Can you please tell … Continue reading Artist Spotlight #4: Lachlan Fuller

Film Review: The Big Short

Image via Paramount Pictures Director: Adam McKay Screenwriters: Adam McKay, Charles Randolph Starring: Christian Bale, Steve Carrell, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling The global financial crisis seems an odd subject for a slick, star-studded film. Even odder that said film comes from director and co-screenwriter Adam McKay, best known for screwball comedies like Anchorman and Talladega Nights. Yet The Big Short, based on the 2010 non-fiction … Continue reading Film Review: The Big Short